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Fomoom see the world --- the economic tide under the great health industry

What is the big health industry, the connotation and extension of the big health industry can be grouped into "three full four areas." "Sanquan" refers to the people-centered life cycle management from fertilized egg to death, from the prevention to the rehabilitation of the entire value chain covering the government from the community to the market all-round association, the "four areas" include drugs, Health care products and elderly products, health services mainly on medical services, old-age care services and mobile medical services, health real estate mainly on endowment real estate, medical real estate and healthcare real estate, financial products mainly on health insurance and others Health finance.
Big health industry has become the world's largest industry
The large health industry has become the world's largest industry with a total annual expenditure of about 1/10 of the total GWP, which will continue to increase. By 2020, the global health industry will reach 13.39 trillion U.S. dollars and the health industry has become the pillar Meanwhile, the large-scale health industry is also a large-scale industry, which contains huge market space. The health industry in the developed countries has almost become the largest impetus to the economic growth of the entire country. Its added value accounts for more than 15% of GDP, China's health industry accounts for less than 8% of the total, with huge market space. The U.S. big health industry has surpassed 5 trillion U.S. dollars while China has less than 1 trillion U.S. dollars. However, China has 1.320 billion inhabitants and U.S. population is about 300 million And the U.S. population is only 23.1% of China's population. Therefore, the market potential of China's health industry is predicted to be huge. As of early 2010, the FOMOM Group started strategic cooperation with the United States and started its own production in China Factories, in line with national standards of production conditions, production R & D for health supplies of all ages, closely follow the pace of development of large health industry.
China's development will usher in a golden decade
In 2013, the scale of China's health industry is close to 5 trillion yuan, accounting for about 8% of GDP. By 2023, it is expected to exceed 20 trillion yuan. The large-scale health industry with huge space for development is not only a traditional Chinese medicine industry but also a new type of health care In the face of increasingly serious aging, the rapid development of the large-scale health industry can rapidly stimulate the new round of economic growth and also the focus of the Chinese government in the layout of economic growth. In particular, the development of a large health industry can enhance the public's new health concept, guide the upgrading of public health spending, effectively shift public attention from health care to early prevention, health management and medical expenses, and in the long run Lecture greatly reduced the country's health expenditures, which also doomed the next few years, the state's strong support for the health industry. FOMOAC Group is to see the great development of China's health industry space, but also to see the local government's strong support for the health industry, heavily invested to create the health sector Ecotourism health industry, research and development, production and sales of integrated business model , Fomutang Group closely follow the pace of development of China's industry and strive to occupy their place in the gold for 10 years of economic development.
Four Internal Driving Forces to Promote Healthy Industrial Upgrading
Internationalization - To promote the flow of capital and technology in China, upgrade the industrial level, promote industrial upgrading, create new breakthroughs in traditional industries and spawn new business opportunities.
Urbanization - to promote the upgrading of consumption. The development of large health industry has promoted the improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of health has also increased, resulting in the gradual rise of the level of medication. In addition, the high-end market for the healthy population such as plastic surgery, assisted reproductive and health regimen has huge market potential. In the future, 5-year industry growth rate of nearly 40%.
Population Structure - Aging, Baby Boomers. Aging population structure to promote the development of health care services, pension services for hundreds of millions of elderly people will become a sunrise industry, "Baby Boom" generated and led to the development of infant health care industry.
Marketization - Leveraging the participation of social capital, the state liberalizes the development of health industry to a greater extent at the legal level, allowing more social capital to participate in the development of the health industry. With market access, planning and investment, Guide, fiscal and taxation and regulatory support policies have made a clear guide.
Four major areas, unlimited opportunities
Large health industry will be China's largest industry with huge opportunities. Under the guidance of the government's strong direction, it promotes the close interaction between the market and the society. The FOMOM Group is also a great opportunity to see the development of China's large health industry. In response to the government's call to join the large health industry in China and accurately grasp the precise consumer demand, the unique research and development of health products snail vinegar drinks and white jelly collagen powder greatly satisfy the current female beauty advocating the health needs, Drip Whitening essence oil is tailored to the physical fatigue of people of all ages to protect the essence of wearing high heels, the beauty of women and the elderly to bring the most intimate care of the feet. Powerful products completely meet the current people's demand for healthy living, but also the next 10 years the development of health industry in the golden age, seize the trend of economic development, to join the Fomukang, in the vigorous vibrant health industry to harvest their own Success!